Saw Palmetto (Really!) Works for Hormonal Acne in Women

Saw Palmetto is a wonderful herb that has shown from many testimonials its effectiveness to treat and prevent the occurrence of hormonal acne.

How hormonal acne works:

Everybody, male and female, has both male and female sex hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone (as well as others) in their bodies. Men usually have more male sex hormones, and women usually have more female sex hormones. Sometimes an imbalance can occur for various reasons, and the body produces an excess of the opposite sex hormones, or the body doesn’t produce enough of the right sex hormones. Read more…


Dong Quai for Menstrual Issues

*Read important precautions at bottom!

Dong Quai is a very potent herb that can induce the menstrual cycle. It has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine.

If you have a history of irregularity, and want to regulate yourself without having to turn to dangerous pseudo-hormonal oral contraceptives, then this is definitely your herb of choice.

It increases circulation in the uterus and affects the body’s estrogen production, signaling your uterus to start sloughing.

It also acts as a blood thinner, so it’s helpful in cramp relief while on your period. Read on for use instructions and doses…

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