Witch Hazel Skin Care

Witch hazel is known for its massive skin healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties.

It is a natural astringent made from the witch hazel shrub, and was traditionally used in Native American medicine.

Because of its properties, it’s a good remedy for acne, bug bites, sunburn, and can even be used as a deodorant!

To use:

  • Acne: Simply dab it on the blemish with a soaked cotton ball. Do this up to 3 times a day to help with the inflammation and to dry the blemish.
  • After shower: Because of its astringent properties, it helps retain moisture that the skin soaked up. Especially if you’ve taken a hot shower, your pores would remain wide open, releasing the moisture back into the air. Dab some on your face or other dry-skin prone areas with a cotton ball.
  • Bug bites: Just dab it on w/cotton for itch relief.
  • Deodorant: Astringent properties once again to the rescue! It constricts the pores of your underarm and keeps sweat and odor from coming through. Mix 5 tbsp. witch hazel with 2 drops lavender or rose oil in a small container with a small spray attachment. Shake very well before every use. Spritz on and let completely air dry before dressing.
  • Sunburn: Healing damaged skin is one of witch hazel’s best properties. Treating it with witch hazel will lessen healing time, reduce itching, reduce inflammation, and prevent skin peeling and flaking. Mix one part aloe vera gel and one part witch hazel and gently (of course) apply to sunburn, as often as needed.


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